On learning stuff while birthing a human.

I’ve been cultivating this theory for a while that you learn an important life lesson while your in labour, be it a homebirth, emergency c-section or anything in between.

I feel that with Beatrix I was more given a gift, and it’s super cheesy, but I was given motherhood, which is a lesson, or not.  But whatever.IMG_0651

With Hudson I learned tenacity.  I had to fight hard for his birth.  I was hounded, cajoled all but forced into a repeat c-section, but I knew I wanted that all elusive VBAC, and I had folks around me that I could trust.  And I did.  I had my VBAC. 2010-01-28 08.44.16

With Mazarine I learned grace.  This was tough.  I knew that if I started to panic I would lose my calm and I knew I would fail to progress and I’d end up in the hospital– again.  So I had to stay calm, and folks, when there is a baby trying to exit your body, it’s hard to stay calm.  I think I may have mentioned it, but golly it hurts!  A lot!  Anyhow, calm.  Somehow I managed it.  Grace.  IMG_4059

Now I know this is super cheesy, but I so believe it.  Not to say I am the calmest person oozing with grace, or that I am the most determined person out there.  But I do think that these giant life changing events do teach you things.

I’m curious, what do you think you learned in your labour(s)?

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