What’s in a name?

Folks often ask me about my children’s names and Maizie is definitely no exception.

Let’s start with Beatrix Gabrielle.  As you know we call Beatrix, Trixie.  I have been asked if we knew it was a stripper’s name, or if I didn’t consider what it would be like as an adult.  I remind folks her proper name is Beatrix and we just call her Trixie.  Also Beatrix is an homage to Beatrix Potter.  Gabrielle is my lovely step mom, who’s been a major part of my life for the better part of 30 years.  I figured that since she can’t share a blood relation with my children, I’d give her another connection.  It also fits my name rules, where it’s easy to spell and relatively easy to say.  (After many years of being called Dead-ra, I’ve promised my children to not subject them to that.)

Hudson George was supposed to be Alistair James, but I had a dream that we named him Hudson.  Then after he was born, he just didn’t seem like an Alistair.  So we named him Hudson, we couldn’t use James because of the Hudson and James bays, so we went with George who was my Grandpa and I’ve always wanted to use that name.   Like Beatrix it’s easy to say and spell and is a clear boy’s name.  Although I have come across a girl named Hudson, which breaks my heart a little.  Incidentally, Hudson means son of Hugh.

Mazarine is a longer story.  Maizie has been on my baby name list since we named Trixie.  Maizie was Adam’s great grandma, on his mother’s side.  That grandma lived with Adam’s mom for much of her life and Adam knew this great grandma and spend some holidays with her.  Plus Adam was fond of the name, and I liked it, so it was on our list.  I was hesitant on using only Maizie since I feel like she needed a full name.  Maizie is a diminuative of Margaret, but I didn’t want to name her Margaret because it evoked “Little Women” for me and if I was going that route, I’d name my child Josaphine and call her Jo.  (The great grandma’s full name was Margaret.)  Adam did some name searching and found Mazarine, which is a French name.  It’s the name of the first library in France, it’s also a butterfly and a shade of blue.  So we went with Mazarine and we’ll call her Maizie, which I think works well with Trixie.

Anne of course is from “Anne of Green Gables” which is one of my favourite series of books ever, and a good choice since my other favourite name for Maizie was Marilla.

And so the evolution of my children’s names.

I’ve learned to NEVER EVER talk about names before the baby is born, in case someone pooh poohs your name choice forcing you to reconsider a beloved name.  We still plan on baby #4, and if that baby is a boy, we have a name picked out, which follows similar guidelines to the other names; cultural or literary significance and a nod to a family member, alive of deceased.  If we have another girl, we have some work to do, since we’ve exhausted all of the girl options.


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