If you following me on that social media site you know that we’ve embarked on homschooling with Beatrix.  It’s a scary and empowering choice!

So far, after a whole week of our new regular schedule we seem to be okay!  So far Trixie is enrolled in a science class, which she adores and a hiking/ nature class which is right up her alley and a corresponding park and classroom-ish class, which is a really free program, similar to what she had at preschool, with little structure but geared to kids aged 5-12.  She loves all of the classes.  We’ve decided to not do a formal curriculum at home, but rather just play it by ear.  So far we’re working on her reading and at her request learning about mummies and Egypt.  Adam often does random math games with her, which really isn’t unusual, since he’s been doing that since she could count.  The last one they played was an algebra game, yeah my 5 year old was doing algebra!

It’s safe to say we’re flourishing!  Oh and I get to sleep in, and have less meetings.  Win-win!

Adam continues to have some reservations.  He’s worried about her socially.  I can block most of his arguments, like that she won’t get to play with other kids every day, which is untrue, she does, every day she sees and plays with other kids.  I also remind him that it’s unnatural to only associate with children her own age, where in life would you do this?  I think he’s coming around, you know, considering that everyone he works with wasn’t born in 1978.  To be fair Adam did know a homeschooled kid when he was in school and that kid had some pretty severe social issues.  BUT I can point out several of his friends who he went to school with or work with who went through a regular school and have some pretty freaky social issues now as adults, so I think it comes down to a lot of other issues, so many more than how many friends they had as children.  Another thing I’ve realized regarding socialization (besides my children aren’t dogs and don’t need to be socialized) is that Trixie is not an extrovert, she doesn’t want to be surrounded by heaps of other kids.  She is outgoing though and can handle it in little spurts, but she’s an introvert and likes small groups.  And you know?  This is not a character flaw!  She’s happy playing with a couple kids at a time and has already made some new friends!  I’ve even managed to stumble into a lovely community that I look forward to becoming part of, it’s small, with a lot of like minded parents, it works well for this introverted less outgoing Mama.  I think we’ll be okay, I think Adam will realize that Trixie will have friends and his last reservations will drift away.

Some other concerns I’ve been presented with is that she won’t learn the right stuff, she won’t learn enough, she won’t keep up with her peers, she’ll learn too much…. I think mostly these come from the people who love her and just fear that she’ll get left behind or not be on the same level as her peers.   To this I say, it’s okay!  We’re all individuals and we all aren’t the same.  About her staying at grade level, at some point we’ll find the right cirriculuum, but right now, since kindergarten isn’t required in California,we’re just going to have fun.  But already we’re realizing that Trixie is quite advanced in math.  She just seems to have a knack for understanding numbers and how to manipulate them.   So I guess the fear that she’ll get ahead is real, but I think it would happen regardless, since math and the like is valued in our house.  We gravitate to math and science games and, dang it, these kids just keep learning!  Goodness, kids now a days!  She’ll be fine, this will actually give us the opportunity to keep her challenged and interested.  I do remember being the smartest kid in the class, and how it was boring to always be ahead of everyone.  We get to avoid that problem!

So all in all we’re happy.  I think at this juncture if we were told we could get into the parent participation school we are wait listed for, we’d likely say no.  Plus when you think about it, we have 14 or so years of being tied to that school if we get in.  Now that’s a really scary thought!  (it’s a k-8 school, we want to have another baby after this one, so that makes for at least 14 years!)


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