Obesity Awareness

Since I’ve lost weight I’ve been a little more aware of organizations that are helpful to obese folks.  This is from following WLS (weight loss surgery) blogs and just trying to be more educated.  This isn’t to say that I’m not happy I made the choices I did, because I did not like being obese, I did not like the path my life was on, and I feel much better now.  However I totally understand that the choices I made are not for everyone, and it is unfair that people are treated differently because of their size.  Unfair.  Anyhow here’s an example of an organization that brings about Obesity Awareness.   When I first started reading about these organizations and this movement I was not moved.  I was focused on myself and my struggle to not be obese, and I still am not deeply connected to the movement either, however I do understand why it’s there, and what role it is serving and why it’s important.

Then today.

I was driving along my merry way, to buy 3 pounds of chocolate incidentally, and I saw this obese man running.  I was overcome with this desire to stop my van, get out and high five him.  I didn’t though, I think it might have been a little weird.  But I have been there.  I have been that red faced, fat girl huffing and puffing along the side of the road, cursing every step.  Heck even now when I run I am still that red faced girl, the only difference is that I”m a little smaller, and I hate each step a little less.  But still I was so proud for that guy.  And it dawned on me that I might be ready to start advocating for these organizations.

So the man running on the side of the road between Lawrence and El Camino today at 4:30, you are amazing.  Keep running, you rock!

One thought on “Obesity Awareness

  1. That’s me on the side of the road too! With the red face struggling to get back to it and I think the same thing when i see others running and taking what might be the first steps of their journey.

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