44th Month Newsletter (Beatrix)

Dearest Beatrix.

You’re 44 months old now and such a little lady!

You love to dress yourself, and you tend to go for a very monochromatic looks, if you commit to a colour for the day, you commit!  Down to your underwear and socks.  I love it!  You have your own little rules that you abide by.  I don’t always understand them, but you’re pretty sure that they’re rock solid, like if you’re wearing a shirt with an owl on it, you want pants with a bird, but not any other animal, because they won’t match.  If you’re wearing a shirt with stripes, then you need striped pants, but sometimes I can convince you to use a colour from the shirt for the pants.  Sometimes.  I guess we all have our ideas, like I won’t wear beige and grey, I don’t think they match.  Heh.  We are related after all.  You’ve also started picking out Hudson’s clothes, mostly so they match yours.  I think you lament that he doesn’t have more pink outfits.  I’m not sure though how much longer he’ll let you pick out his clothes though.  He’s starting to have opinions too.  You still love shoes and you try, often, to convince me to buy one of each colour of shoes, I guess to make your monochromatic look really work.  I am persistent too though.  You have plenty of shoes!  Although we did buy you some rainboots recently.  You love to wear them and want your pants tucked in, or pulled up so that you can see the pony on your boots.

This month you’ve been complaining of pain in your legs at night.  I’m pretty sure it’s growing pains.  I’m so sorry!  I had them when I was little too and I remember how much they hurt!  So together we’re trying to get you to get more calcium into your diet, I hope that helps.  Also, my beautiful girl, you are going to have long legs.  I’m so happy for you.  Already I can see how long they’re getting in comparison to the rest of you.  It’s making for a conundrum for pants for you since pants that are long enough fall off your waist, but ones that fit your waist are many inches too short in your legs.  (You can wear Hudson’s 18 month pants, comfortably, they look like capris on you.)

This month we went to Disneyland again, this time for my birthday.  We had so much fun.  I think it’s a family favourite place to go, and I don’t care that so many poele think that Disney is horrible.  I love watching you have so much fun there!  And I have a great time too!  For my birthday lunch we had lunch at Ariel’s Grotto, so we could see all of the princesses.  You were in awe, again.  We took lots of photos!  We didn’t get to see Mulan this time, which was disapointing, but we did see Belle, which you were excited for.   During our trip we also went and saw Tinkerbelle which was exciting, she spent a lot of time chatting with you and Hudson, it was really sweet.  Also during this trip we realized that you were tall enough to ride the Matterhorn!  You were so brave and such a trooper!  I screamed and you did not!

While we were in Southern California I went to a conference and you adn Daddy and Hudson went to La Brea Tar pits, and you had so much fun!  You learned about a lady who fell in to the tar pits thousands of years ago, and you have not stopped talking about it.  You’ve educated everyone you’ve come across about the lady who fell into the mud trying to save an animal, but she didn’t get out, she died too.  Your preschool teachers have asked me what you’re talking about, and I’ve had to explain to them.  They thought it was funny.  (after they explained to all of the other students that they don’t have to be scared of mud)

One day at home I was putting away some eggs and on a whim I gave you an egg for an egg baby.  I explained that you need to take care of your baby because it’s very fragile.  Hudson promptly lost his baby and you dropped yours within ten minutes.  You were pretty sad and I put the egg away, we’ll try egg baby again in a couple of years.  (I found Hudson’s egg a couple of hours later.)

We had a really scary day this month when there was an angry man at his job and he shot some people then ran away.  He car jacked a lady and shot her too, and why this is extra scary is that this was close to your preschool.  Luckily the teacher found out before school started and cancelled school for us.  If you would have gone to school that day I would have been so nervous.  We spent that day at home, with the doors locked and I hugged you and Hudson a lot that day.

Since it’s football season again, Daddy has been watching more football and you’ve been watching with him.  So to teach you more about football Daddy took you to a Stanford game.  You wore your Stanford cheerleader dress and went to the game.  Daddy said that you had a great time, and the photos show just how adorable you were waving the little pom pom you got there.

Finally this month was Hudson’s playgroup’s annual party and you were there too.  I hired Andy Z to preform for the group, and you loved it!  He was amazing and really engaged the children.  We ended up buying a cd and he signed it, and you ahve asked to listen to it every single day since then.  You especially love the “Sticky Bubblegum” song and the “Scarecrow” song.

Sweet girl, it’s so exciting to watch you grow up into such a big amazing girl.  I love you so much!

love forever and ever,


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